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Welcome To My World!


Hi there!

I have moved to my new workspace three weeks ago and I am still busy with the setup. I am also waiting for the delivery of my new rolling mill, two Ikea wooden chairs, chairs for my visitors, a showcase for my creations and I have to unpack one box with tools, but at least for now I am able to work on my new designs. Because I desire a different style for the new workspace I gave away most of the old interior of my previous workspace. Now I want it to be a light but cozy creative inspiring workspace where I can design and make beautiful things, so I will have to do decorate the empty walls as well. I will shop around for some new wall decorations to create that cozy atmosphere I desire and I want my visitors to feel very welcome too when they visit my workspace/atelier. I give myself another two weeks for a complete setup. Of course I will share images or a video the moment  I am happy with the end result. The video on the left was recorded the day I moved in and in the video on the right you can see the changes I have made so far.

I will add new images to this gallery as soon as a can!

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