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Maureen Vorswijk owner of MAUKE V JEWELRY AMSTERDAM


Maureen Vorswijk

Maureen attended the School for Arts, HKU in the Netherlands, following the course Architecture and Furniture Design, and attended the HMC, School for Furniture Design in Amsterdam. When she received an offer to join the theater to gain working experience in the wardrobe and props department she decided to pursue this adventure. After 8 exciting years in theater she made a career switch and choose for her first love, women’s jewelry. To learn the techniques to be a goldsmith she attended the Vakschool Edelsmeden/ School for Goldsmithing in Amsterdam and the School for Goldsmithing, Zadkine in Schoonhoven for formal training. In 2010 she started her own jewelry design company, MAUKE V JEWELRY.  

Ancient times inspired jewelry with an edge, is the best way to describe her design style in a few words. Maureen draws inspiration mostly from images of ancient times seeking their way through her mind into her hands but also her personal transformation plays an important role during the design process. The strength of her work lies in the uniqueness of design and the demonstration of a great eye for detail, all with royal dignity. But the goal she is always striving for is to create pieces of jewelry that fulfill her customers' wishes.


Recently she has launched a new label named, Atelier MAUKE V for Ancient times inspired metal couture. Under the label Atelier MAUKE  V she custom designs metal wigs, metal corsets, metal headpieces, and jewelry.  

Her work has been featured in music videos, commercials, in Marvel Studios series She-Hulk Attorney at Law, Red Carpet, published in international magazines and her metal wigs were part of an exhibition entitled ‘’Voices of Fashion and Beauty’’ at the Centraal Museum Utrecht in the Netherlands.

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