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  Amsterdam, The Netherlands  Contact  +31 (0) 6 43030856

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Jewelry Designer & Maker Maureen Vorswijk



Maureen Vorswijk began her career in fashion, working in Amsterdam as a wardrobe stylist for theater shows, and several fashion projects. After designing her own lingerie and fashion collection her designs were also worn in music videos, photo shoots and fashion shows. After 8 years Maureen made a career switch and she choose for her first love, Jewelry. While composing images for MAUKE V there was another mission which had to be accomplished as well. That was the moment a small lingerie collection was included and which she believes women would love to put their hands on. 


Maureen Vorswijk doesn't follow any particular style, thoughts or rules but has created an own individual style. She draws from inner inspiration, from images of ancient times seeking their way through her mind into her hands, art, photography, old magazines, when looking at her family, her trips to Surinam and Nigeria, personal transformation and her obsession for beautiful things. But the feeling she strives for is to create that piece of jewelry for her customers that make them feel confident, feminine, strong the moment they put it on.


Maureen launched her first collection Afrik & Silver in 2012 during LFW using materials such as sterling silver, 14 kt gold, a variety of handpicked gemstones from Africa and natural material as leather cords for her entirely handcrafted and hand-polished jewelries. Handmade headpieces and feather necklaces were included. Other collections launched by the designers such as My Alter Ego, My Treasure Bracelets and Swords are all inspired by her first collection Afrik & Silver.


Since 2015 Maureen has been working on her new project named ''Dolls Project''. The Dolls Project is all about beautiful handcrafted jewelry for fashion dolls. These jewelries are miniatures inspired by some of her existing handcrafted pieces for women. Her daughter Oyin and designer of the Oyin Loves collection has played a major role in the development of this collection. The idea to start designing jewelry for dolls came from her daughter, who loved dressing her dolls up nicely but could not find jewelries she really liked for her dolls. She turned to her mother with the question if she ould make some nice jewelries for her dolls. The idea to start making a jewelries collections for fashion dolls came soon after.